Woody’s Wonder Wheel

By Jenny Mason 

The prolific and quirky New York film maker, Woody Allen is proving he has endless stories within – he has made yet another film (47 and counting). 
It is called Wonder Wheel named after a ride at the famous Coney Island, in his beloved New York. The picture is set in the 1950s.

In a recent interview for Facebook live, he revealed he was not shooting with film for any particular reason (like Scorcese and Tarantino). His last film, Cafe Society was his first shot digitally. This is Woody Allen’s second digital movie.

Woody explains in an interview below that if you have a good camera man and still do the work needed to make a good film, then it doesn’t matter whether it is shot digitally or with film. He said digital is easier and quicker and can look just as good. He also says he enjoys being able to make changes in post-production digitally, and while he only rarely uses ‘big’ special effects, for period pieces like this, editing is really useful in that he can easily restore the Coney Island rides of the past. He is also able to delete modern lamp posts out of scenes that do not belong to the era he is recreating. He would have seen incredible technology changes over his long career.

The film itself stars Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake, and Jim Belushi – with 1950’s gangsters entwined in a love story. You would be hard pushed to find a Woody Allen movie that does not involve the struggles of love, along with an infidelity in there too for good measure.

With a career spanning over decades and decades, Woody has certainly proven himself one of the world’s most talented and witty film makers of our time. Wonder World is out later this year.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy.

Watch the Woody interview here:

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