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Chris Tabone

My name is Chris Tabone and I am a self taught master on all things geek. In fact I have been told I am the biggest geek in Western Sydney. And I want to give all of my knowledge and years of experience to you, my fellow nerdy brothers and sisters. I give you updates on the latest big news for movies, gaming and pop culture, and the opinions on some other stuff too.

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Jenny Mason
Hey I was an avid viewer of TV in the 80s and 90s and love reminiscing. I also enjoy philosophy, literature, music and film. For many years I worked in publishing and I have recently become a writer and scriptwriter.
My favourite genre is comedy and my faves are Chevy Chase. Jim Carrey, Jack Black and Conan O’Brien they still really make me laugh. I am definitely a bit nerdy – I received Slytherin Socks for Christmas and besides Harry Potter, I have also loved (and been obsessed with) many a talk show host, past and present. My favourite Dr Who was Tom Baker, my favourite Bond was Roger Moore and I am on team Batman. I am excited to be part of Bonepicking.com by contributing. You can follow me on Twitter @jennymasonrocks
Josh Kamath
Yo, I’m Josh. Some say that I have ridiculously high standards and am impossible to please. As a writing student, I’ve been taught to be critical of all media, so they are probably right. I am a connoisseur of really bad movies (Sharknado 3 tops the list), but the mainstream stuff can tickle my fancy. Originally a Marvel fanboy, majoring in Spider-Man, DC has crept into my life and has quickly taken root in my heart. I’ll be comparing comics and films a lot, as well as looking at exciting new things on the comic scene when I can. Thanks for having me, and feel free to comment on any of my articles. I’m always happy for a discussion!
Sean Nelson

 A movie buff who will watch almost anything once and maybe even twice if it’s so bad it’s good.
 Full time nurse, part time writer, I’ve always enjoyed having an opinion on movies and television shows. A lover of all things Star Wars, a Saturday Night Live fanatic and avid supporter of the St Kilda football club. On weekends you’ll find me playing board or video games, binge watching a series or sitting back with a beer listening to The Beatles or Bowie.
 You can follow me on twitter @TopherNelson

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