Twin Peaks revisited

By Jenny Mason
Twin Peaks is back – no spoilers
For some strange reason, I decided to watch the first episode of Twin Peaks (returning after 25 years) late at night – for full scary impact. It worked, I was terrified. I think it is a combination of the music, the sound, the scenes where nothing happens, the kooky red curtain and bizarre dream sequences where we seem to be in Agent Dale Cooper’s mind. Without spoiling the storyline – we are met exactly 25 years where the last episode left off. Amazingly there are many familiar characters… sure they have aged – some better than others.
David Lynch has a gift for choosing an unusual looking cast, and contrasts the downright spooky with the mundane – for full effect. The first episode downright terrified me, now I have seen the first four, I have adjusted to the eeriness of the show and can even laugh at the odd bits.
Twin Peaks has more going for it than merely being strange, it has intriguing (and sometimes confusing) plot lines, well-acted parts, beautiful scenery, surprise scenes, and cryptic clues.
You are often left wondering “Is that meant to make any sense?”
I wish I had watched the first two seasons again as my memory of the story from way back then is a little sketchy. Faces have definitely come back to me during this new season and small things like how much Cooper loved coffee… not sure how important that is to the current plot.
Now I wait with baited breath for the next episode… Thank You David Lynch Thank you Kyle McLachlan – edge of the seat viewing. Cheers to you both.
Watch the trailer for Twin Peaks here – and watch the new season on Stan now.

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