Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Released

By Chris Tabone

We got our first look at Thor:Ragnarok today, and it looks awesome! ( I know I say that about every Marvel movie, but its not my fault if they keep pumping out awesome movies.) Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. Have a watch, and then we will analyse.

See? Just like I said. Awesome. So we see Thor losing a few things here. He loses his hammer Mjolnir, he loses Asgard, and he loses his hair. But what he hasn’t lost is his sense of humour. All of a sudden, Chris Hemsworth is a full on comedy actor. Up until this time I thought the term Ragnarok (which is the Norse End Of The World event where the God’s have a final battle) Would be a fairly dark movie. There is still that chance, and that we are being shown the light entertaining bits. I like that Marvel keep their movies light, but hopefully this has some depth to it as well. At the moment it feels very Guardians of the Galaxy-ish. Maybe thats intentionally done because they will meet soon?


Hela causes some massive destruction. Most of Marvel’s villains – excluding Loki – have been so two-dimensional with no real weight besides advancing the story line. Could Help be the one who changes that? Hopefully.

And we to our first look at The Goldblum. Does his make up look a little familiar to you? His make up, or more specifically the blue lip line, looks just like the collector from the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. Could they be from the same planet/order/family? Is this a hint that the Guardians will finally come across the Avengers? I say yes. I am hereby predicting that we will see a end credit clip of Thor or Hulk meeting the Guardians and setting the stage for Infinity War.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum)

And finally, that big reveal at the end. I have always been a big advocator for a Planet Hulk movie. Maybe we won’t get what I wanted, but we will get a taste of it at least in Ragnarok. Gladiator Hulk is going to be brutal and excellent to watch.


Oh, and don’t forget, Doctor Strange is supposed to be making a cameo in this one as well. Ragnarok is going to be one massive movie. Looking forward to it? We only have a few short months to go. In the meantime, make sure you entertain yourself with some Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in April and Spiderman Homecoming in July.







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