The Orville trailer

By Chris Tabone

Everyone loves a good sci fi spoof. Titles like Space Balls, Galaxy Quest and the Star Wars Robot Chicken specials come to mind. All of them great classics, and not just for the great way they play off the source material, but for being great shows in their own right. 

There are also plenty of failures, who’s dark names I will not mention here (can the Star Wars Christmas special even be classified as a spoof since it was made by George Lucas? Let me know in the comments below). But there is a new spoof in the ring, with heavy weight comedy creator Seth McFarlane giving us a comedy series taking on Star Trek. I present you with, The Orville. Watch the trailer here.

McFarlane stars as Ed Mercer, a last chance captain of a small but still great looking ship called the Orville. He is given a crew, which includes his ex-wife serving as his First Officer, and he sets off to deliver supplies to a science outpost. But in true Trekkie fashion, there is no such thing as a simply delivery, and the crew find themselves fighting off a species of alien.

Now this isn’t a TV movie like I first though. This is a 13 part comedy/drama series that looks like it has some serious potential. First impressions give you Galaxy Quest or Red Dwarf vibes. This flew under the radar, but if the trailer is anything to go off, it’s going to be an instant classic. What do you think? 

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