The 13th Doctor revealed

By Chris Tabone

Today we learned the identity of the new Dr Who, and it isn’t who we expected. Watch the revel below to find out the Doctors next identity.

The 13th Doctor REVEALED!
That is correct. The next Doctor will be Jodie Whittaker. 

This is quite a big deal. For over 50 years the  Doctor has been male. Now, and all of a sudden, he isnt. And this worries me.


I said it.

But before you pull out your “best of bigot” collection hear me out. 

I am well aware that Timelords are able to change sex and not only appearance. We saw this recently with the Master becoming a women. And quick disclaimer, I did tune out of the Carpardi Doctor a little bit so I haven’t properly watched that story arc. And also, don’t Google female master. It is definently not suitable for work….

So we have established that there is a show related lore that can see this happen. Then why am I worried? Because it is new. It is new and different and it scares me. But then I remember that this is the show that invented regeneration. This is the show that has run for over 50 years because of its ability to change and adapt. This is the show that could actually pull it off.

And then I remember one more thing.

Jodie Whittaker isn’t the female Doctor. She is THE Doctor. 

What do you think of the announcement? Happy? Shocked? Somewhere in between? Let us know in the comments. And let your friends know about it too – like and share this post. 

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