Newcastle’s Grim Demise

By Charmain Cribb

Newcastle has the best metal scene.

I once took some advice from a very wise man, You am I’s front man Tim Rogers, and I loosely quote ‘You need to start supporting local bands, go out find live gigs, sometimes you may have to pay a few dollars to see them, sometimes not. These bands need your support, Australian music need your support’. Finally, after hearing this from every You am I gig I have been too I decided to check out Newcastle’s live music scene. What I found was Newcastle is a beacon for hungry loving metal heads. At the forefront of Newcastle’s metal scene is Grim Demise. The four-piece band formed in 2005 and that band today consists of, Richo on vocals, Pendo on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mungo on bass, and Dave on drums.

Their style and sound is unmistakably heavy metal, but what makes Grim stand out from other heavy metal bands is their talent and passion. Pendo has a natural talent, that he makes looks effortless. That talent is showcased every time he picks up a guitar and plays. He is mesmerising to watch, he plays fast and accurate. If you think back to Metallica, when James Hetfield was in his prime, or to David Peacock of Pantera fame you might get an indication of the vocal range of Richo. His voice is strong and powerful and never falters. The band wouldn’t be complete without bass player Mungo, who plays with heart and soul. Finally, Dave who can whale on the drums for hours without missing a beat.

Having made a name for themselves in Newcastle, the band embarked on their first international tour in 2013, playing live shows in Japan, where they gained some new fans. They returned to Newcastle exhausted and a little bit wiser. Their live shows are intense, energy packed and deafening, to see them play live is worth every bit of deafness.

Taking Tim Rogers words personally, I embarked on a journey to find good, local live music. I didn’t know what I was going to find. What I ended up finding was Newcastle’s, metal scene, and some awesome bands along the way. Every town, every city has live music, it’s just a matter of going out and finding where it is.


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