Murder, Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom – what is the connection?

by Tom Michaelson
Why is #SethRich Trending and what does Kim Dotcom have to do with it?

OK this is a little complicated, let me try and break it down for you. Mainstream media is calling this fake news, however they also said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which lost a lot of trust. So why are people online obsessed with the story?

Who is Seth Rich?


He was a DNC staffer – only 27 – a Bernie supporter, who was murdered in the middle of the night July 10 2016.
The Police have not solved this murder, the laptop is lost, and they have said it was a botched robbery. He had nothing taken and was shot in the back.
Rumours spread that he may have been the leaker when Julian Assange offered a reward for any information leading to the murderers being convicted. He was careful not to reveal a source, but many take his ‘our sources take big risks’ and ‘ the stakes are high’ comments to hint strongly that he was the source. The DNC leaks (not to be confused with the Podesta emails) do not include any emails dated after Rich’s death – adding more fuel to the fire. Julian Assange on Seth Rich

Here is where Kim Dotcom comes in…

This rumour has exploded in the last few days since famous hacker Kim Dotcom revealed that he was indeed the evidence claiming he helped Rich give the DNC emails to Wiki leaks. Follow this link to Kim Dotcom’s Twitter page


There is a lot of ‘circumstantial’ evidence related to the Seth Rich theories, but also some very suspicious evidence.
The thing is even if it is proven Seth Rich was the leaker, this does not mean that he was murdered by the DNC, it just adds another motive and another possibility.
Surely no matter what side of politics you are on, you believe that a murder deserves to be solved.
It is weird that police have ‘lost’ his laptop, that they have no leads, and that nothing was stolen… these are suspicious elements within this case.
The mainstream media are downplaying the story and people online are wondering why. Why has journalism become so partisan? Isn’t there a truth that is above politics? Shouldn’t Democrats want to know why Rich was murdered? One of their own? They are putting it down to ‘looney’ conspiracy theorist/Trump fans, but there are also many Bernie fans and ‘neutral’ people who would simply like to know the truth. It is not enough to say it has been debunked. Until the murder is solved, it is not a debunked theory – it is just a theory.
So Kim Dotcom has left everyone waiting – with his last tweet: tomorrow

Trump might have had some inside info. Trump might know who hacked the DMC

If you have a few spare hours type in #SethRich into Twitter – the truth is out there!

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