Jumanji 2 looks bad. Really bad

By Chris Tabone

30 seconds after clicking the link to the Jumanji 2 trailer, I turned it off. It had teenagers whining about their life and getting in trouble with the principle. “Well, they got me.” I thought. So bad was the acting, and so mundane were the characters, and so different from the first Jumanji it was, that I guessed I clicked on a link to a fan-made trailer. I assumed I had been Catfished. Rickrolled. A third thing.

So I decided to head to the official YouTube channel of Sony Pictures Entertainment to make sure I watched the real trailer.

But to my horror, the exact same trailer started. I have seen some bad movies in my time. Some have been so bad, they have been good. But this just looks so bad, that it’s still bad. 

Gone is the board game. THE BOARD GAME THAT INSPIRED THE ENTIRE FIRST MOVIE ISN’T EVEN IN THE SEQUAL!!!! What we are left with is a video game/Atari inspired system that sucks these teenagers into a video game and turns them into The Rock, Jack Black or some other two. 

I was worried it would be hollow solely for the absence of the great Robin Williams. But it is not only hollow. It is soulless, cringeworthy and all together terrible. And that’s just the impression I got from the trailer!!!

I’d say watch the trailer to find out more, but just this once, don’t watch the linked trailer. You will hate it. Pure, unadulterated, hate.

Watch (but you won’t enjoy) the trailer for Jumanji 2 here 

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