Chris Tabone is a jerk

By Chris Tabone

We now have undeniable proof that Chris Tabone is a jerk. Not me. Not the Chris Tabone you know and love. I’m talking about other Chris Tabones around the globe.

You see, I have conducted a social experiment where I tried to contact others who shared my namesake on social media. I wanted to see what my dopplegangers were doing all over the world.

Chris Tabone from Melbourne and Chris Tabone from Malta and Chris Tabone from Texas were basically tools and didn’t even acknowledge my responses. They are jerks who didn’t even want to¬†respond to¬†themselves to talk to themselves… I mean me.

But there is some hope. Shout out to Chris Tabone from Boston – the guy who studies flys at Harvard – who responded and seems like a really great guy.

I encourage you to try out this social experiment. Will you end up being a jerk as well? Or will you strike up a pleasant conversation with yourself. Try it out and let me know how your experiment goes.

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