Australia makes Overwatch World Cup finals

By Chris Tabone

Recently there was a huge sporting event being held in Sydney. It didn’t involve balls, but it required them to come out on top in this competition. 

I’m talking about the Overwatch World Cup – an e-sports (video game) competition which sees teams from all over the world battle it out for a shot at the Overwatch finals during Blizzcon later in the year, and a chance to be world number one.

Before you get all high and mighty and think “this isn’t for me” – you are wrong, because Australia has made it to the finals, and as is our culture, we fully support every Australian team that is doing well. And let me tell you, the Australian team did well!

They absolutely smashed Italy, and beat out Japan in a 3-2 thriller.

Before we go any further, a bit of background for the layman. Overwatch is a team-based, first-person shooter, there are 24 colourful characters from 4 classes, each with their own unique skills and abilities. This isn’t just run and gun, this is strategy. And when the best in the world come together to compete, there is next level strategy. 

So from everyone here at, we want to congratulate the entire team at Blank Esports for the fine job you did representing Australia, and wish you all the best for the finals. Make sure you jump into Twitter to give them your own message of support @BlankOCE.

The rise of e-sports  has really taken off in Australia in the last 3 years. We are behind the rest of the world, but we are catching up fast. From competitions like Throwdown and the recent Overwatch World Cup at the Star Casino, to big name sponsors like St George who are doing a world of good for Australian gamers, and also 7Mate with gaming and e-sports show ScreenPLAY – even going so far as to show the event live on tv – e-psorts is growing faster than that weird and persistent hair on my cheek that just won’t die. 

So let’s back our team of Aussie champions come finals time. Because if there is one thing we Aussies know how to do well, it’s win at sports. 

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